Seaburn Publishing Group is an active participant in the field of education and is involved in promoting books, Authors and events throughout the community. In partnership with Paedeia Educational Promotions (PEP) and other local and national organizations, Seaburn brings books and information to their local and surrounding communities – BIBLIOS, the annual book festival hosted in Astoria NY, Black Book Plus in Brooklyn NY, dedicated to the promotion of Black literature and the Latino Book Festival in Manhattan with James Olmos, are some of the events Seaburn is associated with.

Seaburn is also involved in the design, layout, and stocking of libraries. We take away the burden of title selection, set-up, scheduling and training of staff, for the management of full sized community library or literary corner.

We undertake the translation of books from English to Greek and to other African languages. Translations are performed by qualified translators.

Put our experience of books and the book industry to work for you. Whether you are a first time author or a corporation looking at adding a library wing to your facility, or a community interested in a book event, we have the authors, the books and the know-how to bring great literature to your doorstep.

Contact us today with your proposition, and we will put our experience to work for you!